Keep Your Cars Fresh and New with Upholstery Cleaning

I’m something of a car enthusiast. I make sure I get the most out of my car each and every day. I was thorough in making sure all of the specifications I needed were met or exceeded when I purchased my new sports utility vehicle. I love to take care of every single aspect of anything I own, and this brand new SUV is no exception. I make sure to give it a fresh coat of wax on a weekly basis, change the oil at the suggested mileage, and I even polish my hubcaps to make sure that everything on the outside of my car looks as pristine as it was when it left the factory.

I’m also something of a coffee enthusiast. Every morning on the commute to work, make it a point to brew a cup of coffee ground from the finest, darkest beans I can find. You might be thinking why I’m bringing this point up as well. As it turns out, I found I was focused way too much on the outside appearance of my sports utility vehicle, and not focused enough on the interior of it. I found this out when I clumsily spilled my fresh cup of black coffee all over the driver’s seat upholstery. I immediately ran into my kitchen to grab a few paper towels to hopefully blot out the coffee, but it wasn’t enough. My neighbor from across the street saw the embarrassing incident, and recommended Riverside upholstery cleaning to me. I figured anything would help at this point in time, so I called them up and explained my situation to them. Thankfully they were on the case in no time and were able to treat the upholstery in my precious sports utility vehicle. After they were finished, I found that the interior of my car looked brand new, and I was extremely pleased with their work. I didn’t know how new the inside of my car could look, but Riverside made this point very clear. When I asked if there was anything I could do to maintain this level of cleanliness, they offered to use a protective upholstery agent, which would slow down any wear on the seating, as well as prevent the gathering of dirt and dust on the upholstery. I gladly agreed to that service, and both the outside and the inside of my sports utility vehicle look immaculate!

I was also pleased to hear that they offered carpet cleaning services as well, so they were able to clean the footpads in my SUV as well. I figured that since they did such a good job on the upholstery and carpeting in my car, that they could also do an excellent job in my condo. I scheduled an appointment for the next day for them to clean my carpet and furniture, and they provided the same pristine results as they did with my car. If you’re a stickler for details and cleanliness like me, be sure to contact your local upholstery cleaning company for superb results.